The Motherland

My sister suggested that we travel to Prague in 2018. My mother and her sister joined us. Our trip happened to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of our Czech family establishing a homestead in the U.S.

Charles Bridge

After 15 hours of travel, we checked in to our apartment and then went out for a walk (Beth will arrive in a few days). We walked up to the castle, back down and then across the Charles bridge. We climbed a tower on the bridge for a great view of the city, the river, and the crowds walking below.

    Fun Facts

    • The name of Prague (Praha in Czech) is derived from an old Slavic word, práh, which means "ford" or "rapid", referring to the city's origin at a crossing point of the Vltava river.
    • Prague Castle dates from the 9th century. It is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. Wikipedia
    • Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava river which passes through Prague. Its construction started in 1357 by King Charles IV, and was finished in the early 15th century.Wikipedia