The Motherland

My sister suggested that we travel to Prague in 2018. My mother and her sister joined us. Our trip happened to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of our Czech family establishing a homestead in the U.S.

Lokal with a Local

Around dinnertime we met Sequoia's Czech friend (Markeeta). We sat at our apartment chatting about life in Czech and US. Markeeta bought us all beers at Lokal, a local pub. She filled us in on all things Czech. I mentioned I had recently enjoyed watching Ken Burns' Vietnam War documentary and she shared that she has been loving this song lately (about the cold war and the fear felt on all sides).

Fun Facts

  • The first two days of our bike tour turn out to be about 10 miles from the village where Markeeta grew up.
  • We learned that our ancestors came from a town east of Prague near where we would be going on the bike tour.