The Motherland

My sister suggested that we travel to Prague in 2018. My mother and her sister joined us. Our trip happened to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of our Czech family establishing a homestead in the U.S.

Prague Castle

Beth arrived. After she settled in, we climbed up the hill from our apartment to see the Prague Castle, which is home to the Czech president. Tours are offered but we wanted to save time for other activities, so we simply walked around the various courtyards and buildings and peeked inside the cathedral—It was gorgeous! 

Fun Facts

  • We learned that in Czech history there have been two major incidents of leadership being overthrown by defenestration (literally being thrown out the window!) Learn about it in the Rough Timeline of Czech History.
  • We later learned from a Czech friend about the symbolism of red shorts (a symbol of resistance against the current president).