Up-Close FAQs

Up-Close Photo Show FAQs


It all started when...

I asked for an Olloclip macro lens for Christmas last year. If you're looking to try it yourself use the link below (I'll earn a little cash for sending you):

A couple common questions and the answers:

Q: How did you mount the photos for the show?

My sweetie generously helped me with various aspects of the printing and mounting. He's a creative genius and it was not an easy task. But if you're handy with tools, the process is not that technical. Basically we cut plywood to size and added edge banding to finish it off. Lots of sanding involved. Then we painted the edges white and mounted the prints with spray adhesive. Finally, Art Resin was poured on top to provide the glossy sheen. Not sure what edge banding or Art Resin are? Follow these links:

Q: I love the photos but I want to use them digitally. Can I?

Thanks for asking. Please DO NOT attempt to use the digital images from this website for any reason. All rights are reserved. However, if you're wanting to make prints at a different size than what's offered here, contact me and we'll work something out. Same goes if you're wanting to license the images for digital use, contact me.